Belgium is where Europe comes together. Belgium is a compact country nestled between Germany, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the North Sea. The cosmopolitan nature of Brussels, capital of the European community, has created a tolerant and welcoming attitude towards foreigners. Belgians are known for being humble and hospitable, with a great sense of humor. There is more to Belgium than chocolate and waffles, it is the scene of a very rich cultural past (painting, architecture) and thrilling present day art scene (exhibitions, music, fashion, comic books, theatre, etc).

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List of Outbound Programs to Belgium:

High School
The Belgian educational system is one of the most thorough in the world. Expectations are high and the students are asked to perform well. Participants will follow classes in a local school from Monday to Friday. The classes will include French or Dutch (native), Math, Biology, Geography, Physics, History, Physical Education, Foreign Language (second); and optional classes will include Economics or a third Foreign Language. AGE minimum 14 - maximum 18 years old upon arrival DURATION academic year, academic semester, term (12 weeks) ARRIVAL -end of August - beginning of September
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