An exchange program to France is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture that has influenced the western world for hundreds of years. The French are very proud of their contributions to art, literature, philosophy, architecture, food and wine, sports and film. From the Alps near the Italian and Swiss borders to the forest covered Vosges Mountains in the northeast, the Pyrenees along the Spanish border and the beaches on the Mediterranean, France offers a breathtaking scenery and a rich culture.

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List of Outbound Programs to France:

Group Volunteering
Create your own group and Restore a medieval village! Nestled in an amazingly beautiful area, in south-eastern France at the top of a hill, surrounded by forests of oaks and chestnuts, various tasks are being carried out to rebuild the site, whilst respecting the traditional construction techniques. The volunteer project consists in the restoration of dry-stone buildings, under the supervision of the local worksite team. You work mainly in the morning, you can take a rest in the afternoon, enjoy swimming in the local river, go hiking along the local footpaths… You start work again from 5 to...
High School - Classic
The French educational system is one of the most thorough in the world. Expectations are high towards the students. Participants will attend classes at a local lycée from Monday to Friday. These include French, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, Physics, History, Physical Education, Foreign Language (English, German, Spanish or Italian)... and optional classes include Economics or a second Foreign Language.
High School - Plus
High School Program with a twist - you get to Choose Your Area - Southern France (Provence or Mediterranean Region). This program is designed for students who want to be placed in the sunny Provence area or the picturesque Mediterranean region, or Urban Area. It is perfect for those students who are highly motivated for a high school program in France but are not comfortable with possibly being placed in a rural area with limited public transport. The program guarantees to place them in an urban environment (over 50,000 inhabitants)
High School - Boarding / Rennes - Rouen
1. Picturesque Brittany: Rennes Saint Geneviève/Saint Martin High School is located in central Rennes. The school offers excellent teaching from junior high school to higher education. The school is a boarding school and provides accommodation on a full board basis (from Monday to Friday). They offer comfortable bedrooms and study rooms. Sport activities are arranged and supervised by school leaders on Wednesday afternoons. Exchange students also attend extra French classes to help them immerse themselves into the language and...
Family Stay
The France Family Stay program is the perfect opportunity to learn French through total immersion in the French culture. Participants stay with a host family that will consider them as an active family member. Unless participants choose the "Culture Option," no particular activities are planned. This option is available for students under 18 years old, and consists of a day and a half of cultural excursions each week. The goal of this program is not to follow a French language course, but to learn the language through living the everyday life of a French family. An authentic insight into the...
Paris Orientation/Paris Language Course
We offer an optional “Paris orientation and tour” on arrival. It is a 4-day stay prior to the official program start date. During this orientation, exchange students are given useful information and advice about the high school program. A exciting schedule of excursions and activities is arranged to visit Paris' famous landmarks (the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or Orsay Museum, Versailles Castle, shopping on the Champs Elysées).
Summer Language & Culture
Learn French with a group of international students in the area of Paris! During the first two weeks, participants attend morning classes with an experienced teacher from Monday to Friday, and take part in activities and sightseeing in the afternoon. Every Wednesday is dedicated to a cultural day trip. During the third week (optional) participants will have an opportunity to experience the life of a French family by themselves.
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