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Experience Living with an American Host Family

Designed for high school international students worldwide, Edventours Host Family Immersion Program is for international students who want to spend their school holiday in the USA. International students will not attend American high school but will be immersed into the American lifestyle while living with an American host family. Current F-1 or J1 international students, already studying in the USA, are welcome to apply to experience living in another state. Students should come with their own pocket money, medical insurance, and good English skills.

As part of the all-immersion program, students will be living with fully vetted American host families. While in the USA, they will participate in the family’s daily life and routines. The host families are asked to provide a room (it may be shared with a host sibling of similar age), and three meals a day. 

Why apply for the USA Host Family Immersion Program?
  • You always wanted to visit the USA during your school break or can extend your US academic program to experience life in another state
  • You always wondered how Americans lead their everyday lives
  • You always wanted to build lifelong friendships
  • You are mature and independent enough to explore on your own, meet new people and have fun
How long is the USA Host Family Immersion Program?

International students can enroll for 3 to 8 weeks during their vacation, whenever it may be. 

Who are the immersion students? 

Host family Immersion students are curious and independent teenagers who are excited to experience American culture. Students are carefully screened by our partner offices for maturity, independence, personality, and interest to explore the United States. Students must speak English to be able to converse with their host families (equivalent of an ELTiS score of 215). 


Program Highlights

  • Students will improve their English skills within a short time with 24/7 immersion. 
  • Students can attend individually for 3-8 weeks, year-round.
  • Flexible scheduling! There are no structured activities on this program. Local Coordinators and host families are available to help guide students on what to see and do. 
  • California, Florida, New York City metro and Boston Metro placement regional guarantees! For an extra fee, explore the wonders of California, the tropical Florida, the Big Apple, or historic Massachusetts! 
  • See more of the USA! Current F-1 students can apply and experience living in another state after their program.
Program Requirements
  • Students must be able to have a conversation in English (use the ELTiS score of 215 as a guideline)
  • Students can be between the ages of 15-20
  • Medical insurance is included
  • Applications are due 2 months minimum prior to the preferred arrival date

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