Thank you for your interest in Edventours, a member of the Educatius Group, and working with the most amazing youth from Europe! We treasure our partnership with schools and hope this website provides you and your administrators with enough information to be comfortable and excited about bringing our short-term students to your classrooms or sending your students overseas.

Benefits of having international students at your school short-term

It is hard to say who gains the most when international students visit an American high school. Whether our students visit your school for a week or 2 months, they get a unique American high school experience. These same students go back home after their program is over and achieve high-level positions in their countries because of their international experience. They stay in touch with their newly-made friends and host families. As a result of this cross-cultural experience, they have a positive perception of the U.S., which aids the American foreign diplomacy efforts tremendously.  Having international students in your school will also provide cultural opportunities for the entire community, improve your language students' skills and enrich your classrooms beyond their borders.

Edventours Schools

We are happy to work with both private and public schools across the U.S. that are interested to either allow our students to visit their classes on our short-term programs or those interested in signing up for a school group tour to bring their students overseas for 7-10 days. Our school group tours are fun and educational, organized by our offices and partners overseas. The tours can be customized based on the request from the school's staff. School chaperones travel for free for every 15 students!

Edventours Students

Our students are boys and girls who are between 15 and 19 years old. They are at least intermediate-level English speakers, have strong academics, and are very excited to come to the U.S on a short-term program.

Our offices and partners overseas screen every applicant for leadership potential and maturity to make sure the student can thrive in a foreign environment. The students are selected as part of a three-step process, which includes a written application, interview, and program recommendations.

We want every student to make the right program choice. We provide each interested school with a complete student application. During their program, Edventours students live either with an approved and fully vetted host family in the school's district or stay at the school dormitory if available. With students placed with host families, a host family will receive a stipend to offset the hosting expenses. All students come with full medical insurance and a weekly allowance, and are eager to be active members of the school's community.  

Academic Requirements for Students 

article partnershipOur students know that even though they attend their American high school on a short-term basis, they must attend all the assigned classes, participate when asked and do all required homework. Our students understand that it is up to the guidance office to approve the final selection of their courses based on the school offerings and availability.

Our students are expected to maintain at least a "C" average in each class if the grades are given.

Extracurricular Activities

Our students are encouraged and are excited to get involved in a variety of school and community activities, as these are excellent ways for students to make friends and avoid culture shock and homesickness. School sports are also an excellent way for students to become involved and experience the American school life. Even if the program is short-term, helping or training with the team can make the experience priceless. We do not guarantee their participation on the school sports but make recommendations of what could be available based on the student's interests. 

Program Support

A Local Coordinator in the community will support all program participants, including your school, student and his/her host family. Each local coordinator goes through a rigorous training process and has to pass an exam to be certified as an Edventours support field staff member. Your local coordinator could also serve as a point person for the Edventours National Office. 

Partnering with Edventours

Our National Office staff would be happy to talk to you more about its programs and students. Our Local Coordinators in the field are also available for in-person interviews to become better familiar with our students and answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact our team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you are interested to work with our short-term students and would like to consider accepting F1 students in your school as well, the following links below could be helpful resources about the certification process to accept F-1 international students from Educatius USA: 

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