article host-a-studentThousands of families welcome their new sons or daughters each year. Why should YOU consider hosting our short-term student?

  • Discover a new world and culture through the personality of an international student.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of a lifestyle and way of thinking different from yours.
  • Enrich your family's life by ‘traveling’ the world from the comfort of your own home.
  • Establish long lasting friendships.
  • Share your country, culture and traditions.
  • See your student master his/her English, while working on your own foreign language skills.
  • Promote mutual understanding and respect by sharing your daily life with a young person from overseas.
  • Re-discover the beauty of your own country.
  • Make a difference for your family, your student, your neighborhood and your country!

YES! My family wants to host an Edventours student,
and we are ready to get started!

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Who can be a host family?

Host families come in all sizes and shapes, with or without children – even single persons can apply! The families are expected to provide 3 meals at home and a bed (a room can be shared with a host sibling the same gender within 4 years of difference). Host families are also expected to share their America and guide their student on what to explore in their community. Single parents, retirees and empty nesters are welcome to apply! English has to be the first language spoken in the home.

Who are Edventours students?

Edventours students are boys and girls who are between 15 and 19 years old. They are at least intermediate-level English speakers and are very excited to come to the U.S.

Educatius Group offices and partners screen applicants for their potential to be ambassadors of their country and maturity to make the experience a success. The students are selected as part of a three-step process, which includes an application, interview, and program recommendations.

What is the Host Family vetting process?

As Edventours students are international minors, there are a few required steps to ensure the well-being and safety of every participant on the program. Each host family interested in hosting our students is asked to go through a vetting process:

  • The prospective Host Family fills out and submits an online Edventours Host Family application form (see the link below).
  • The Family submits criminal background checks for all members over 18 years old living in the home, including those turning 18 during the student's stay in their home.
  • An Edventours Local Coordinator visits the family in their home for an in-person interview. The program expectations, policies and program rules are discussed at this stage, along with any concerns the host family or the coordinator might express.
  • The Family submits two personal (non-relative) references to vouch for their good character to provide a student with a great American experience.
  • The Coordinator conducts a home evaluation and submits 6 photos of the home to the national office for approval (front & back of the house, student's room & bathroom, living room, and kitchen). 
  • The Family confirms their commitment by signing a Host Family agreement, which makes the last page of the Host Family application.
  • When all the above steps are confirmed, completed and approved, the family is accepted into the Edventours program and may start communicating with their new son or daughter!

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