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"Going abroad isn't just an important part of a well-rounded educational experience. It's also becoming increasingly important for success in the modern global economy. Getting ahead in today's workplaces isn't just about the skills you bring from the classroom. It's also about the experience you have with the world beyond our borders — with people, and languages, and cultures that are very different from our own."
—First Lady Michelle Obama, speaking at Howard University, January 2011.

Choose a program that is right for you!

This may be one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make. Or do you already know where you want to go? To help you make the right choice, read about our programs to learn more about their destinations, or email our team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Step 1: How long do you want to go for?

Short-term program (3-8 weeks)

Edventours short-term programs are a great way to boost your language skills over the school holidays, make friends overseas, and experience life as a member of an overseas family. There is no school, so you will live like a local and witness a different culture first-hand. Want to live on a farm, experience a different city - we have you covered!

Short-term program (2-3 months)

This program allows you to experience more of your overseas destination during the summer holidays. 

Long-term programs

Term=3 months

Semester= four to six months

Academic Year= nine to ten months

Year=eleven to twelve months

Edventours long-term programs allow you to completely immerse yourself in a new culture and allow you to experience life as an overseas teenager for up to a year. Whether you choose a trimester, semester or a year, you will develop stronger ties with your host community, gain a deep understanding of the host culture, and learn to see the world from a new perspective. Students who choose non-English speaking countries often return with outstanding conversational skills in a second language. Departures for trimester, semester and year programs take place twice a year, from August/September to January/February and January/February to May/June, depending on the country of choice.

Step 2: Choose your favorite country

Choose from over 20 programs! Edventours offers multiple programs departing at different times of the year. With so many programs to choose from, simply follow these steps to help you find the program that is right for YOU.

Individual Programs

Group Programs 

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