Outbound Programs - High School Groups

School Group Tours are designed to provide American students with a cultural experience overseas to give them a real-life immersion into the language and culture of the host country. The tours vary from 7 to 10 days and combine tourist attractions with the language or world studies materials covered in classrooms. Programs may be customized to fit the class's specific needs! Chaperons always travel for free with a group of 15 students.

France has something for everyone! Great countryside, gorgeous chateaux, brilliant beaches and famous monuments galore. Students will have a full French language experience, while exploring the history, architecture, art, and culture that make up France's remarkable cities. We offer two trips for two levels of French: for beginners, a trip to Paris and Normandy! And for more advanced speakers, a trip to Paris and Avignon with the host family stay and visits to the French high school! From the Eiffel Tower to Mont Saint Michel and Marseille, your students will be taken on a trip of a lifetime!

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On your school trip to Germany, you can explore the beautiful, fairy-tale scenery of the Rhineland, discover German history, its cuisine and language! Frankfurt is home to the most impressive skyline in Germany, as well as world-renowned museums and galleries, historical cathedrals, and stunning views. In addition, you will visit Hamburg, one of the biggest musical cities in the world, gorgeous Heidelberg and Friedberg, full of small city charm!

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The group tour to Sweden and Norway will give you a chance to experience one of the world’s most stunning and spectacular settings - Scandinavia! Not only is Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, a city where land meets sea, but it is also a place where history meets the modern world. Stockholm is the birthplace for new trends in music, design, fashion and technology, and attracts millions of people to experience this centre of innovation. Oslo, the capital of Norway, is a unique city which combines city life with easy access to nature. It's a great place to explore because of its unique architecture, abundant cultural attractions, great food, and stunning scenery. Your students will love visiting the land of the VIkings!

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For every Spanish city there’s a spectacular history and a ton of sights to accompany it! A trip to Bilbao will have you marvel at Casco Viejo & the Guggenheim museum. San Sebastian will have you discover Spain’s mountainous Basque Country. And if you visit Gaztelugatxe, you’ll be more than impressed by the amazing scenary. Madrid will not failt to impress you with its historical buildings, food markets, and the royals. On the school trip to Spain, students will learn about Spain’s rich history, traditions, unique architecture, and the arts, and will get immersed in its beautiful cuisine and language!

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